Emacs 24.2 with Python and C++ bundle for Windows

March 2013 · 1 minute read

I’ve managed to put together some interesting things with Emacs for Windows. For now we have:

Known issues:

How to install:

  1. Download zip archive from ge.tt
  2. Unzip to some directory
  3. Go to bin/ directory and edit startemacs.bat file - remove -debug-init parameter at your option
  4. If your python installation path is not C:Python27, go to config/.emacs.d/ directory and edit python-config.el file - find _PYMACSPYTHON variable and make it correct (for your Windows + python installation)
  5. To add or change some c++ system include directories, go to config/.emacs.d/ribtoks-cpp.el file, find semantic-add-system-include call and change include path to yours
  6. Profit, now you can launch Emacs with bin/startemacs.bat
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